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Behind The Bleachers

Behind The Bleachers

I could see the fear and worry in Gerard’s eyes as we slipped out a side door of the school. This was one of the rare doors in this school that wasn’t set up with a fire alarm that would go off the instant it was pushed open. I was confident that we wouldn’t get caught. The teachers might be strict, but they were kind of fucking stupid and barely paid attention to what happened in the school. That’s why the lacrosse team was able to use Gerard, his brother, and Ray as their own personal punching bags. I didn’t get shit, though. I may be short and skinny but I was way tougher than I looked. And when push came to shove, I could fuck up some serious jock face.

I almost thought Gerard was going to chicken out on me. He was pretty bold behind closed doors, but he was usually a kind of fidgety guy. If it weren’t for Mikey to anchor him down with his mellow vibe, Gerard would be a complete wreck by the end of the day. And as the thought really started to bury its way into my brain, convince me that I was going to walk out to an empty hall, the bell rang and there he was. Standing right there at the door, waiting for me to grab up my books and bag before we started towards the back of the school.

We were slipping out of the school to hide on the field hockey field, because we had been pretty lucky not to get caught in the bathroom the other day. I had big plans for Gerard, and I wasn’t going to let some student ruin them. I looked over at Gerard with a wide grin as we crept along the brick wall, towards the field. “Relax. We are in the clear.” I assured before taking his hand and giving it a quick squeeze. He looked at me with wide hazel eyes and smiled back. There was a faint blush on his cheeks and I could tell his mind was already wandering to what we would do once we were alone and out of sight. The thoughts were almost visible across his face. I laughed, quietly of course, before pulling him around the last corner.  I paused a moment, checking all possible ways before starting our hurried run across.

At the very far end of the field, there sat an almost ancient set of wooden bleachers that wasn’t sturdy enough to actually hold students, but had so much history attached, that the school couldn’t bear to tear them down. They weren’t going to fall down any time soon but you definitely didn’t want to start jumping around on them. The best part about the bleachers, though, was that once you were safely behind them, you were completely shielded from anyone who happened to be walking by. Due to how they were built, you could totally see out from behind them, but no one could see through the slates to see you. They were prefect. 

Once behind the bleachers, and sure that no one had followed; I pulled a blanket and shook it out to lay it down. Gerard raised an eyebrow. It made me grin like an idiot. “You really planned this out, didn’t you?” He asked, putting his hands on his hips. I made sure the blanket was perfectly straight before looking back up at Gerard with a smirk.

“I have been looking forward to this.” I kneeled down on the blanket and pushed my bag off to the side. I patted the spot next to me and Gerard soon joined me on the blanket. We kissed slow and nervous at first. Closed mouth and it was nice. But as we shifted, moved closer to each other, the kiss grew heat and need. His hand moved up to my arm, wrapping around to pull me close as he parted his lips in invitation, and I happily took advantage of that. We had never kissed like this before, full of tongue and a little teeth. All hot, sloppy, and dirty. And soon my hands were reaching up to tug at his tucked in shirt, pulling it out so my hands to creep up in. I pulled back for a second, panting to catch my breath and he leaned his head back to do the same. His long black hair fell back, exposing the bright pale skin that just begged to be marked up. Before I could control myself I was leaning forward, latching onto the sensitive skin. That must have been a thing for him, because the noises that came out of him immediately went straight to my dick.

My body kind of went into overdrive then, my hands moving up and under his shirt. I unbutton his slacks and he let out a needy moan as my hand slipped under the waistband of his boxers.  I bit and sucked on the soft skin of his neck, knowing it would leave a wicked hickey as my hand wrapped around Gerard’s already hard cock. “Ah f-fuck Frankie.” He breathed as he bucked up into my hand. I used my free hand to tug his boxers down to give my hand more room. I pulled back for his neck, pausing to look at the already forming bruise before taking in the scene before me.

Gerard looked pretty fucking amazing like this. His mouth hanging open, letting out delicious little noises, lips still swollen pink from kissing. His fingers were weaving into the blanket and he was having a hard time keeping his big hazel eyes open to watch my hand work up and down. His head lulled back, exposing more of his gorgeous pale neck, and I couldn’t help but lean forward to run my tongue over the hickey that was turning a faint red. Gerard moaned and leaned closer to me. “God, Gerard. You are fucking amazing.” I mumbled into his neck. I twisted my hand a bit, speeding up the pace and I could feel Gerard’s moan rumble against my lips.

There was something about the danger of it all. We could be found at any moment. And that thought alone was making my cock start to throb in my slacks. I wanted him so bad. Gerard began to flail around a bit and he made despite noise in the back of his throat. “Frank. Frank. God, I just want to.” Gerard didn’t finish his thought. He just grabbed out, reaching out for the front of my slacks and before I could even process what he was doing, his hand was finding my hard dick through my pants and he was rubbing me through the fabric. 

“Fuck.” I gasped as I broke off from his neck. His palm was pressed right up against me and it was moving in these fantastic little circles. It took me a second to come back to my senses and remember his dick was still in my hand. I started to move again and I could feel him throbbing in my palm. It was definitely a sensory overload and it was amazing. If we kept at this much longer, I was going to come right there. In my fucking khakis. “Wait. Wait.” I was almost embarrassingly breathy. He paused for a moment, but kept his hand still pressed up against me. “God Gerard. I just.. I have to fuck you.” I said in a bit of a rush and his eyes widened. I could feel his body still against my arm and I felt a small sense of dread pulling in my stomach.

“H-here?” Gerard stuttered and I was quick to nod. Gerard bit his lip and glanced around, as if someone was suddenly going to be there.

“Yes. Fuck. I need to. If I don’t I am going to explode.” I might have been exaggerating, but I really felt like I was going to blow up into a million pieces if I didn’t get inside him within a few minutes. Gerard relaxed a bit and blushed bright red before nodding slowly.

“O-okay. Yeah.” He said timidly. He was grinning, not looking at me, before a serious look spread across his face and I could swear that his hazel eyes started to grow darker as he turned back to face me. “Fuck me, Frankie.” He said in a low voice and I could have come from that right there. I let go of his dick and in a few quick motions I had him flat on his back, straddling his thighs as he looked up at me with wide eyes. He blinked a few times and looked like he was going to say something but I had no time for words. I kissed him hard as I began to unbutton his jacket, pulling back only to slide it off and throw it to the side. He looked a bit stunned for a second but his brain seemed to join me as his hands began to join in undressing us.

 His hand slid down my chest to the buttons of my matching blazer. With skilled flicks of his wrist, the jacket was opened and he was sliding it off my shoulders before tossing it to the side with his. I could feel him wiggling beneath me and I realized he was kicking off his shoes when I heard them hit the ground with a muffled thud. I slid off of his thighs, grabbing on each side of his unbuttoned khakis, and tugged them down to his knees. I could see out of the corner of my eye that his cheeks flaring in a worried blush as I pulled them further down and off of his ankles. His boxers were still on, almost halfway down his ass and his dick was still out and begging for attention.  I leaned down and darted out my tongue to swirl around the pink head. Gerard cried out and his fingers dug into the blanket. I smirked up at him and he looked down at me with wide eyes. “Shit Frank. Don’t tease me like that!” He panted as he loosened his grip from the blanket. “Just… just fuck me already.” He begged.

I unbuttoned my jeans and tugged them down to my thighs. I started to go into muscle memory then, fishing through my pocket to pull out the small bottle lube and condom I had brought before popping the cap and slicking up two fingers. Gerard wiggled out of his boxers, kicking them off to the side before looking up at me with a soft pink rising to his cheeks. “Ready?” My voice was a bit shaky, my nervousness showing through. This wasn’t my first time, but there was never this much danger involved. Gerard bit his lip and spread his legs. I pressed in one finger first, listening at the soft whimper Gerard let out before pushing in a second. Gerard let out a low hiss and nodded again, coaxing me to keep going. I paused for just a second slowly working them in and out. Gerard gasped and arched as I opened my fingers wider. I moved slow, stretching him as much as I could before he grabbed at the front of my shirt.

“I’m ready, just do it!” He whimpered as he bucked against my hand. I smirked and pulled my hand away, grabbing the condom. There was a bit of fumbling with the condom, but I soon ripped it open and carefully rolled it on. I positioned myself between his legs and looked down at him, opening my mouth to ask the stupid question if he was ready before he tugged on my shirt impatiently. “Shut up and fuck me.” He practically growled and that was it. I was pressing into him and I grabbed onto his hips before slowly sliding in. Gerard gasped and moaned. There was no pause before I was moving my hips at a quick pace and I was glad we were outside because Gerard was making some pretty fucking amazing noises with each thrust.

It felt fucking amazing. I mean I had dreamt about what this would feel like. Being deep inside of Gerard while he writhed beneath me. It had been a reoccurring wet dream of mine ever since I met him. But now that it was actually happening, it was so much better than I could have ever thought. I could feel Gerard’s nails digging into my shoulders through the fabric of my shirt as he held onto me, rocking his hips into my thrusts. His breaths were coming out as hard pants and strands of his bangs were starting to stick to his forehead. I dug my nails into his hip, holding onto his hip firmly before reaching between us to wrap my hand around his now weeping cock. Using the pre-cum and left over lube on my hand, I began to stroke him at a faster pace than my hips and Gerard couldn’t hold back as he cried out my name and came over hand and the front of our shirts.

I cheered a little in my head, feeling like pretty much like a stud, and wiped my hand on my shirt. I grabbed his hips with both hands, fucking him as hard as I could as I teetered near the edge. A few more thrusts and that was it, I was gone, groaning loud as I came. I heard Gerard whimper from sensitivity and it took all my strength not to collapse right on top of him. I carefully pulled out and leaned back on my legs to pull off the used condom, tie the end, and throw it as far as I could away from us. I tucked myself back into my boxers and pulled my slacks back up before handing Gerard his boxers. “Thanks.” He said with a small smile and carefully slipped them back on. He fumbled with his slacks, trying to get them back on as gracefully as possible without falling on his face and I tried my hardest not to laugh at his effort. I let a chuckle slip as I zipped up my slacks and looked down at the front of my shirt.

“Ew, gross.” I said grabbing an edge of the blanket to try and rub it off. Gerard laughed and looked down at his own shirt. I definitely got the most of the mess. Gerard shrugged and tried to wipe it off with the blanket too. “So can we, like, do this all the time? Cause that was pretty fucking awesome.” I asked with a wide grin. Seriously I could do that for the rest of my life. Gerard laughed as he pulled on his shoes.

“I think we would die of exhaustion if we did it all the time.” He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and he laughed again.

“You know what I mean. I don’t want this to be a one-time thing. I guess I am asking… would you like to be my boyfriend? Like officially?” I could feel my cheeks heating up and I am sure I looked like a nervous idiot. Gerard bit his lip and looked down at his shirt again.

“I’d… I’d like that.” He said with a slow grin forming on his face. He looked up at me and I couldn’t fight the sudden urge to grab his face and kiss him. We kissed for a few minutes before the sound of footsteps made up jump apart. We both scrambled to put on our blazers to hide the now dying cum on our shirts. We looked up as the familiar head of puffy hair peered around the corner.

“There you guys are!” Ray chirped as he walked closer. I could see Gerard trying to smooth the wrinkles out of his slacks. Bob was only a few steps behind him. Mikey turned the corner with a skeptical look, his friend Pete only a step behind him, and looked at us with his arms crossed.

“What the hell are you two doing out here?” He said with a raised eyebrow. I smirked over at Gerard who grew a little red.

“Just studying.” He said, motioning to our forgotten bags in the corner of the blanket. Pete practically bounced around Mikey as he moved closer. He looked down at the blanket with wide eyes before bursting out into bright laughter.

“Yea okay! ‘Studying’.” He snorted, making air quotes as he kicked at the overlooked condom wrapper. Mikey frowned and shook his head, looking away. I could help but start laughing.

“That’s some pretty interesting ‘studying’.” Ray said and wiggled his eyebrows. Gerard buried his face in his hands. Bob shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“I can’t believe we snuck out here just to find out that they are fucking each other.” Bob grumped before turning back towards the school. “I am going back inside. I can’t look at them without thinking about it.” Bob shuddered and started walking back. Ray was quick to follow.

“Just be glad we didn’t come out earlier. We would have actually seen it.” Ray said a little too cheerfully. I could hear Bob let out a grossed out gag as he walked away and Mikey was the one who shuddered this time.

“I am going to leave now. I feel like this will scar me for life.” Mikey said in a monotone and turned away. Pete gave me a quick thumbs up. I could see Gerard rolling his eyes to my right.

“Well then let’s go find something that will take your mind off of it.” Pete said following Mikey, before bringing a firm hand down to smack Mikey’s ass. I could see the blush on Mikey’s face all the way from where I sat.


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