Haija (punky_piggie) wrote,

Title: In The Boys Room
Author: punky_piggie 
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
POV: First Person, Gerard's
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Masturbation, Underage Sex, Blowjobs.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story! Well I guess I own Jake but everyone else is owns themselves. This is all fake, thought up by a sick little girl with too much time on her hands!
Summary: Gerard tries to take care of a little problem, in a locked stall of the boys room, as quick as possible when he gets a visit from an unexpected guest. Set in the I'm Not Okay video universe.

I shouldn’t be doing this. This thought had been running my head over and over as I made my way down the hall to the pretty much abandoned boy’s room in the west wing of the school. But it didn’t stop me from going in and locking myself into one of the stalls. I knew that the teachers always forgot to lock this bathroom during classes and there would be no one coming in to bother me. 

I sat down with a bit of hesitation, I couldn’t help but think of the germs that were probably seat, but I had some pressing matters at hand.  I looked down at the bulge struggling to get out of my slacks and blushed a bit. I was still getting random boners in school. Really? It was fucking embarrassing.  With a quick intake of air, I popped the button on my navy blue slacks and let it all out at the feel of relief as I pulled down the zipper and released the some of the pressure. I still felt a little trapped in my boxers but it was definitely a lot more comfortable without the first layer of fabric.

I could feel my face start to heat up at the thought of what I was about to do. Once again my mind spoke up, stating the obvious. I shouldn’t be doing this. But there was no way I was going back to class like this. And no matter what I thought of, it would not go down, not even a little bit.

I carefully tugged at the waistband of my boxers, just enough to pull my now painfully hard cock out and experimentally ran my fingers lightly over the head. A small gasp escaped my lips and I cursed at how loud it sounded in the empty bathroom.  I bit my lip, pausing for a moment to regain my composure before wrapping my hand around myself. I needed to be quiet. I may have been alone but there was always a chance of someone walking outside in the hallway. If I got caught jacking off in the boy’s room, I would fucking die of embarrassment.

My strokes were slow at first as I wandered through my mental spank bank folders. I needed to get this over and done with. The quicker I came, the less chance I had of being caught. Porn. It was my first thought but that shit’s kind of boring to just imagine. It’s only fun if you have it right in front of you. I could think of that girl from my math class. She was cute with shoulder length black hair that she wore in pig tails and her lips were always this amazing cherry red. I think her name started with an L. Yea she would work but I wasn’t really in the mood for girls at the moment. How about- no. Friends are off limits, no matter how cute their giggles were and how adorably short they were and how they had only really been your friend for a week now, they still counted as a friend. I sighed again and just picked a random boy in my home room. I am pretty sure his name was Jake. He was a jock and a bit of a dick, but it was my fantasy so I made him this sensitive, caring artist that totally wanted to exchange handjobs in the locker room and totally wouldn’t kick my teeth in if he knew I was using him as jerk off material.

And with that my hand was moving on its own in a fast pace and I was biting so hard on my bottom lip that I seriously thought I was going to break the skin. A few gasps and low groans were escaping but I was doing a pretty good job being quiet as I let my eyes slip closed with the image of Jake pressing me up again gym locker running through my head.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

I’ll admit that the scream that came out of me was very high pitched and kind of girly but I couldn’t help it, that sudden voice had scared me so bad that I now knew that the phrase ‘my blood ran cold’ was actually a thing that could happen to a person. And part of me couldn’t help but wonder if the whole school had heard it.

My eyes shot open and I looked up above me where the voice had come from. I could feel my face flush so quickly, it burned as I realized that it was Frank motherfucking Iero staring down at me. An unlit cigarette was dangling from his fingers as he looked over the wall from the stall next to mine. He had to be standing on the toilet because there was no way he was tall enough to see over the stall on his own.

We were silent for a second, though it felt like an hour, before I blurted out, “What the fuck?!” I hadn’t really been asking Frank directly but he took it as a legit question.

“I was trying to get a quick smoke before class.” He moved his fingers a bit, as if displaying the cigarette still between his fingers to prove his explanation.  “I thought no one would come in here. I was wrong.” I was amazed he didn’t even look phased by the whole situation and that’s when I became extremely aware that my hand was still wrapped around my dick. I didn’t think I still had enough blood in my body to blush a deeper shade of red but apparently I did.

“Oh my god.” I muttered as I tried to pull my boxers back up. I couldn’t believe that I was still hard as a rock, even after this paralyzing embarrassment. I fucking hated my hormones with a passion.

“Wait, don’t.” Frank said quickly before disappearing from the top of the stall and landing on the floor with a small thump. Before I could even react, Frank was there, crawling under the side of the wall, right in front of me. “Don’t stop.” He said, his wide hazel eyes darkening a bit as he settled down on his knees.

“W-what?” I stuttered, locking eyes with the younger boy. I could feel my heart starting to pound so hard I could hear it in my ears and I was pretty sure my expression was one of pure confusion. Frankie’s cheeks grew a little pink now and he began to chew on his lip ring.

“I … I wanna watch.” He explained. “I find it… interesting.” Well that was new. And we were quiet again, unsure what either one was going to do before I finally nodded against my own will and hesitantly wrapped my hand around my only slightly deflated erection. Frank’s eyes finally broke from mine, moving only to watch my shaky hand start to slide up and down. He continued to suck on his bottom lip and I found it really hard to not think of seriously dirty things I would like to do to that mouth. Fuck. He was watching me whack off and I still had him on the off limits file? “Shit,” I rolled my eyes at myself and focused on the task at hand.

You’d think that having someone there, just watching would make it awkward but it didn’t. It was surprisingly… hot. The way he was just gazing at my cock, watching the motions of my hand with pure concentration, all the while his eyes growing dark and slightly glazed over. It made this warmth build in my stomach. I let out a low moan and he broke his concentration long enough to look up at me with a smirk. His eyes locked back on my cock and my insides jumped again. “Fuck,” I said, not fully aware that I was actually verbalizing and I knew I had to stop making noise but god, that look, that look was making it hard.

My eyes threatened to slip closed as my hand started to quicken, but I forced them open. I wanted to watch. I wanted to see the intense stare that Frank was giving me. Because it was speeding up the burn in my lower stomach and my breathing was turning into a pant. “Oh god.” I gasped out, a little louder than wanted but I was starting to not give a fuck. “Ah.” My head fell back for a second, my eyes once again fluttering to close but a hand on my knee brought me back and I look back down to Frank, his hand clutching my knee. I was expecting a smirk but, oh god, he looked like he was going to tear me apart. And definitely not in an angry way. I stifled a loud moan and his eyes moved right back to my moving hand.

He let go of my knee and shifted in his spot, his knees spreading a bit on the cold tile floor before his hand travel down to his crotch, my eyes following and there he began to palm the noticeable bulge in his slacks. He rubbed a bit, his eyelids drooping a bit at the friction and a groan escaped his throat. And that was seriously fucking enough for me because suddenly my lower stomach tightened and I knew what going to happen next. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna- gonna- ah!” I had tried to warn but I couldn’t even finish before my vision whited out and I could feel the familiar heat of my cum coating my hand.

When my vision finally came back and I was staring back down at Frankie, who had this mixture of amazement and surprise on his face. I smiled for a quick second before I realized that that wasn’t the only thing on his face. There was small splatter of my cum on his cheek and a few more on his navy blue blazer. I couldn’t help but feel completely horrified. “Oh my god I am so sorry.” I was still slightly out of breath and I could feel myself turning bright red. “I… I didn’t mean to… ah fuck.” I wanted to bury my face in my hands but one was still covered and sticky.

“Don’t worry.” Frank said in a quiet voice, a smile growing wide on his face. “It’s kinda hot.” He bit his lip for a split second before reaching up and wiping it up with his pointer finger. He inspected his finger, a smirk still playing on his lips and locked eyes with me before carefully licking off.

“Holy fuck.” Was all that I could manage to say, because that was seriously fucking sexy. His grin only widened and before I could protest his hand was wrapped around my wrist, bringing my hand to his mouth so he could lick off every since last drop of cum off my hand. Yea that was an image that was going to stay in my head for the rest of my life and if I hadn’t just cum, I probably would have been hard again as he moaned at the taste. Once my hand was clean, and damp with Frankie’s spit, he let go of my hand and started to stand up.

He pulled out the cigarette from before along with a lighter from his blazer pocket. I snapped out of my zoned out state and started to tuck myself quickly back into my boxers. Frank lit his cigarette and closed his eyes for a moment, enjoying the taste. God that looks fucking amazing right now. As if reading my mind, he held out his hand in front of my face, offering it to me. I gingerly took it between my pointer and middle finger, taking a long drag before handing it back and fixing my slacks so I could actually button and zip them back up. I looked up and noticed that Frank had used his jacket sleeve to wipe up off the traces of me on his blazer and it was still kind of obvious something had been splattered on the coat but not obvious what it was.

“So… do you want me to do something for you?” I asked glancing at the very prominent tent pitched in his slacks. He took another drag of the shortening cigarette before lifting his arm to glance at his watch.

“Do you mind missing your next period? This one is almost over.” He said as he handed over the last bit of the cig over to me. I shook my head quickly as I finished it off. Frank smirked and watched as I snubbed it out against the stall wall. “What exactly did you have in mind?” He asked and leaned back against the stall door. I bit my lip, trying to stop my smirk as I slid down my knees in front of him.

“Well… I thought since you got to taste me,” I slid my hands slowly up his thighs as I reached for his belt. “I should get to taste you.” Frank’s smirk slowly dropped to a look of pure amazement. I was kind of amazed myself. I had never been this bold. But there I was, unbuckling Frank’s belt and quickly moving to his button and zipper. Before I even realized what I was doing, my hand was slipping under the waist band of his boxers, fingertips brushing against coarse hair to find bare skin and when Frank gasped out and thumped his head lightly on the door, I couldn’t hold my smirk back as I wrapped my hand around the other boy’s cock and I carefully watched at how he bit his lip as I gave him one short stroke. I reached with my other hand and pulled on the waist band of his boxers just enough to free my hand and his dick. I stroked him a couple of times and grinned as he moaned quietly and bit his lip again.

“Fuck, Gee.” He breathed out before giving me a playful smile. “I feel bad. I only watched you jack off, I didn’t actually touch you. You are going all out, on your knees and everything.” I smiled and bit my lip, blushing a little. I shrugged and let my hand go back to stroking him as I spoke.

“Well I have actually wanted to do this for a while.” I blushed a bit more before looking down at where my hand was stroking and regaining my boldness. Frank made a noise like he was about to say something but it quickly turned into a loud moan as I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the head of his cock. I giggled at the noise and looked up at him, pressing a finger to my lips to shush him. “Shhh, be quiet, or you’ll get us caught.” I didn’t wait for a response before pausing the movement of my hand and taking the head into my mouth. I twirled my tongue a bit as I watched Frank’s hand fly up to his mouth, stifling loud moans. I pushed forward slowly, taking in as much of him I could before hesitating for a second just to torture him. He whimpered in protest and if I could have laughed I would have. Instead I just gripped onto his left thigh and dug my nails into the fabric of his slacks as I began to bob my head, my hand stroking along at a slightly faster pace than my mouth.

Frank moaned against his hand again, absolutely unable to hold them back and he kept thumping his head back against the stall door. I might have been worried that he was hurting himself, but I had seen him do way worse while playing guitar so I just listened to the quiet thud as I began to hum a random song around him. “Oh God.” He muttered under his hand and his free hand slowly found its way from his side to my shoulder and finally to the back of my head, where his fingers tangled into my long black hair. He wasn’t pushing my head, just simply tugging my hair with each moan.  “Fuck Gerard. Feels so fucking good.” His words were muffled and almost hard to understand, but I hummed around him in response and quickened the strokes of my hand until it was almost the blur as I bobbed faster. I could feel spit sliding down my chin but I didn’t care because my want was overriding any embarrassment I would have.

Frank’s fingers tightened in my hair as I took him deeper into my mouth. It was almost painful at how hard he was pulling. His breath was coming out as loud pants between his fingers and the tang of pre-cum in my mouth told me that he was teetering so close to the edge, all he needed was a little push.  I released my grip on his thigh, I had forgot I had even been holding on, and slid my hand slowly up his hip, under his blazer, under  his now untucked white button-up shirt, and up to the soft skin of his lower stomach, scratching lightly to get his attention, to get him to look. When his eyes opened and he finally met my gaze, I let my eyes practically scream ‘come for me’ and that was it. I felt his lower stomach clench tightly under my hand and his hand yanked roughly at my hair as he filled my mouth with his seed. He practically screamed into his hand and it sounded vaguely like my name but mostly like jumbled sounds. I swallowed as much as I could before pulling back for a breath.

Frank looked like he was about to pass out and his knees were shaking a bit as he let his hand fall from his mouth. His face was red from where he had practically had a death grip over his mouth to stop from being loud. He let go of the back of my head and steadied himself with a hand on the wall. I smiled and sat back on my legs to look up at him. “Fuck.” He said his voice sounding a little shredded from the whole thing. “Gerard… that was amazing.” He smiled at me for a second before it turned into a full blown grin. “Your face.” He was chuckling now and I was feeling a little worried.

“What about my face?” I asked raising a hand to touch my cheek. He shook his head and ran his thumb along my chin. He pulled back his hand to show the cum on my face that I had been unaware of. I shrugged and leaned forward to lick it off, smiling at the soft moan he let out as I did. “Is there anymore?” I asked as I leaned my head back to expose more of my face and neck. Frank grinned and shook his head.

“All gone.” He straighten back up and tucked himself carefully back into his boxers before helping me stand back up. I winced a bit at the pain of standing on them and looked at Frank, biting my lip a little nervously. I didn’t know what to say now. I had just blown him in the boy’s bathroom. What do you say after that?

“Sooo… I-“ I didn’t get to finish my sentence, even though I hadn’t really been sure what my next sentence was going to be, because Frank leaned forward and had pressed his lips to mine. It was slow and sweet and I didn’t hesitate to kiss him back. We stayed like that for a few seconds and when he pulled back, he had a small, almost nervous smile.

“This was really fun. Let’s skip lunch tomorrow and see how much more we can get away with in a whole class period.” His wide, confident grin once again spread across his face and all I could do was nod quickly. Yeah. I would totally be cool with doing this again.

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