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My whole life is a dark room [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Jan 2012|02:18pm]
Title: In His Bedroom
Pairing: Mikey Way/ Pete Wentz
Rating: NC-17
Summary: When Gerard moved down to the basement last summer, Mikey learned two things. One, the bedroom was a whole lot cleaner without the clutter that Gerard seemed to attract and two, the air vent directly parallel to the side of his bed ran right down to the basement. Which meant that if Mikey listened hard enough, he could hear everything.

Author's Notes: I said I would write this for my friend Astin so it would change her opinion on Pikey so here it is, in all its smutty glory.

That Stupid Vent...Collapse )
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Down the Basement Steps [13 Dec 2011|06:14am]
Down the Basement Steps
Pairing: Gerard/Frank/Jamia/Lyn-z
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6k
Summary: Frank invites Jamia and Lyn-z to hang out with him and Gerard. A little session of truth or dare and spin the bottle turns it into a different kind of party.
Author's Notes:I would like to dedicate this to James for being a beta for me and getting all the mistakes out also to Astin for being the best cheerleader and an awesome friend. Seriously go follow them, they rock.

I didn't know it was this kind of party...Collapse )
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[22 May 2011|11:00pm]
Behind Classroom Doors

This was definitely more than a makeout session...Collapse )
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Behind The Bleachers [06 May 2011|04:07am]
Behind The Bleachers

This is awesome...Collapse )


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Writer's Block: Taking a trip with Mrs. Tibble [27 Apr 2011|03:24am]
What name would you give to your car or bicycle, and why?

 I named mine Adam because the last three letters of my license plate are ADY. I call my Addy when he is being good and Adam when he is being bad.
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[03 Mar 2011|10:25pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: In The Boys Room
Author: punky_piggie 
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
POV: First Person, Gerard's
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Masturbation, Underage Sex, Blowjobs.
Disclaimer: I don't own anyone in this story! Well I guess I own Jake but everyone else is owns themselves. This is all fake, thought up by a sick little girl with too much time on her hands!
Summary: Gerard tries to take care of a little problem, in a locked stall of the boys room, as quick as possible when he gets a visit from an unexpected guest. Set in the I'm Not Okay video universe.

I shouldn't be doing this...Collapse )

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Writer's Block: Planet's Rights [23 Jul 2008|11:16am]
How do you feel about Pluto's recent demotion? Should it still be a planet?
I grew up being told it was a planet. It made me so sad when they told us that it was no longer considered a planet. In my eyes it will always be a planet.
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Writer's Block: Caring [04 Jul 2008|04:41pm]
Who do you care about most in your life?
My family. With out them I wouldn't be where I am today. They mean so much to me and I would truly be lost with out them.
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Writer's Block: The Bad Habit [28 Jun 2008|01:15am]
Talk about a habit that you just cannot break.
I just can't stop biting my nails. I have tried since I was 7 and here I am 18 and I still bite and chew on them.
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Writer's Block: The Eternal Nocturnal Struggle [13 Jun 2008|09:46pm]
Vampires or werewolves?
Vampires! They're sexy.
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Writer's Block: What Makes Your Friendship Work? [10 Jun 2008|03:33pm]
What admirable qualities attract you to your friends? What glues your relationships together?
Their sense of humor. I love my friend Jordan because he can make me laugh so hard and he always knows how to cheer me up when I am upset. He is the funniest mofo ever and I think that is one of the main reasons he is my best friend. 
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Writer's Block: Outta My Way! [18 Apr 2008|10:54pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Have you ever experienced road rage?
 Oh geez I experience it every day! I yell a lot when I drive cause other drivers piss me off sooo bad sometimes.
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Writer's Block: Lost & Found [08 Apr 2008|09:13pm]
What have you lost that you wish you still had?
 My virginity.
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Writer's Block: Love Is... [23 Feb 2008|10:08pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Who or what do you really love?
 My kitty, my family, my girlfriend, my friends, and my state. 

NJ gets made fun of a lot but I still love it so much!
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Writer's Block: Repeat After Me... [10 Feb 2008|04:12pm]
How have people pronounced your name? How is it supposed to sound?
My name is Haija. I have had it pronounced Hi-ja, Hi-ae-ja, Hi-ya, and Hey-jah. Its is pronounced almost like Hey-ja. Having a weird name is so complicated!
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[17 Feb 2007|10:25pm]
some awesome textures for photomanipulation

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I Heard A Voice [12 Dec 2006|03:56pm]
I was fortunate enough to get to see “I Heard A Voice” today, the day it came out. My friend, Jordan, go it early and let me borrow it. I have to say that I could not tear my eyes away from the screen once I started it. The performance was formidable. But, the DVD itself did have some minor flaws that irked the hell out of me.


Lighting: Dramatic. Fit the song well.
Sound: Very nice. Pretty sure better then being live.
Film: Gorgeously shot. The many cameras was a good thing.


Sound: It was odd at some parts. Some times you would hear Davey and then it would change and he was drowned out by the fans screams, but only a few seconds later, you would no longer hear the crowd. Jade’s guitar was way too loud, and sometimes covered up Davey’s singing.
Editing: Most of the editing and effects were fine; they even added to the film. There were some affects that made you think something was messed up. You would be watching and you know when you have an old VHS and it gets a little messed up and two frames try to play at the same time, only for a split second but its still very noticeable, that is what they did like five times. It started to make me think my DVD player was fucked up.

Other then those few things that they should have fixed, I feel it was amazing. I felt my heart stop at some parts and I would have killed to be there. I say you go out and buy it, today!
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[12 Nov 2006|04:59pm]
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[28 Aug 2006|06:37am]
Update: .... I never fell asleep..
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Another Puff, Another Nail for my Coffin [22 Aug 2006|10:49pm]

The ending. 

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